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Where wine comes to life

Two factors characterize our winery: our tie with Verduno and our concept of wine.

The tie with Verduno is given by our family, which has always made wine here, in the very heart of the village. Our concept of wine is given by the union of perfumes and flavours of the grapes that we use for all our products. In the cellar wine comes to life: it is not just a drink, it is the fruit of a terroir which gives precious grapes. In order to improve our work and the quality of Barolo and of the other wines, in 2007 we moved to a new cellar, which was built according to modern standards, in order to guarantee high quality processing stages. It has two floors and is consists of a wine-making section, an ageing area, a bottling and stocking area.

Barolo ages in an underground area, where the naturally-conditioned climate preserves and improves its features. Our Barbera rests for two years before being marketed. The cellar is the place where wine comes to life, following natural processes only. Only in this way the perfumes and the flavours of the region can be enhanced and can make the difference for unique wines.