The perfume of the region in Barolo

The perfume of the region: our wines. We want to send a message to wine lovers through our Barolo, Dolcetto d'Alba, Verduno Pelaverga, Barbera d'Alba, Langhe Nebbiolo, Langhe Favorita and Grappe of Pelaverga and Barolo.
Each wine tells in its own way the history of the terroir of Verduno, where perfumes and flavours characterize in unique ways our wines. It is a mental tasting session, to invite you to enjoy our region.

BAROLO: obtained from the grapes cultivated in the cru Massara, our Barolo is rich in perfumes and flavours, mature and gentle tannins. This full-bodied and balanced wine can be enjoyed from its first years. It is the greatest result of the terroir of Verduno.

LANGHE NEBBIOLO: a one-year ageing in wooden barrels makes our Langhe Nebbiolo a full-bodied wine that goes well with any meal.

BARBERA D'ALBA: natural perfumes and tastes for this Barbera, which is aged in stainless steel for two years. The result is a strong but balanced wine. We also produce a version with a one-year ageing in barrique barrels: the tannins are stronger to express more intensive flavours and perfumes.

DOLCETTO D'ALBA: this wine reaches its peak within the first three years. This full-bodied wine with fruity perfumes and aromas is very pleasant and goes well with any meal.

VERDUNO PELAVERGA: the uniqueness of this wine is expressed through its mineral notes, its lively and fragrant perfumes, characterized by white pepper notes, and through its velvety and balanced taste.

LANGHE FAVORITA: the sole white wine made by our winery. Gentle and fresh taste, with a fruity nose. Perfect for an aperitif and with any meal.

OUR GRAPPAS: our offer includes two different grappas. We produces a grappa of Pelaverga and a grappa of Barolo. The grappa of Pelaverga has a dry and strong taste, while the grappa of Barolo, thanks to its passage in wood barrels, is round, delicate and slightly sweet.