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The essence of terroir in Barolo

All our vineyards are grown on the hills of Verduno. Our ten hectares are cultivated mostly with Nebbiolo for Barolo vines, the heart of our property is crü Massara, which is considered one the best locations in the Barolo district.

Our Barolo is characterized by distinctive perfumes and flavours, as well as by mature and gentle tannins. This full-bodied and balanced wine can be enjoyed from its first years.

We also produce other quality wines such as Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo (for the Nebbiolo Langhe), Pelaverga and Favorita.

In the vineyards we try to obtain grapes that maintain "the essence of the terroir": the clayish-calcareous soil is perfect to cultivate grapes rich in taste and perfume, which we will find again in the wine. Several works in the vineyards are made by hand, since our aim is to obtain high quality grapes starting from the very first stage of pruning.

We are among the eleven producers of Pelaverga, a wine made from an autochthonous vine with pleasant, mineral taste and perfume. Verduno Pelaverga is a Doc wine in which we believe, since it confirms that the terroir of Verduno can give several high quality wines, besides King Barolo, for the joy of wine lovers.