the balance of perfumes, the expression of terroir

Burlotto Fratelli
Gian Carlo Burlotto
A story in the name of Barolo

The dream of our family has always been to take Barolo all around the world. At the beginning of the '900 Andrea Burlotto has begun to make it real with a passion for the vineyard and the Barolo that was sold in Piedmont and in the North of Italy. In the early decades [...]

Cantina Cascina Massara
Where wine comes to life

Two factors characterize our winery: our tie with Verduno and our concept of wine. The tie with Verduno is given by our family, which has always made wine here, in the very heart of the village. Our concept of wine is given by the union of perfumes and flavours [...]

Cantina Cascina Massara
Cascina Arcangelo Raffaele
A farmhouse near Tanaro River

The farmhouse is 2km from the village of Verduno, near the Tanaro River. It is situated in the old lumber mill district. The house has a large garden with its own private woodland of ancient century old poplar trees which curved with age, standing like guardians to protect the woodland. This is a peaceful place to relax and stay cool even on hot summer days. [...]